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​Right out of the gate, Wicked Tree has gone on to gain numerous spots between 1 and 10 globally on many different webcast as well as terrestrial radio stations. Wicked Tree is played in 182 countries as well as the UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan is gaining popularity all over the world.

​Wicked Tree plays original rock and is available on all download platforms for your enjoyment.​

Get your copy of Wicked Tree music today, available on both Apple Music and Amazon Music.

​Wicked Tree was formed in the summer of 2019 and is made up of ISSA 2019 Band of the Year members. Now, vocalist Chris Kirby, drummer Chris Leslie, bassist Chaz Farkass and guitarist Derek White have gone on to form Wicked Tree.


Coming together with the desire and drive to create music on their own terms, Wicked Tree has burst on to the music scene with a progressive rock style that is as unique as it is catchy. 

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NEWS ALERT: "Seek Ground", the latest single from Wicked Tree, is now available on all streaming and download platforms.