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  • Funk Me4:03

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Angela McGowan 

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Chris Leslie

  • Old Soul4:23

Angela’s greatest strengths are her passion for multiple genres of music, her self discipline, and her sense of fostering a community for whatever project that she is working on.

She often draws upon her secret weapon - an extensive network of contacts within the industry.

She bleeds and fights for her clients. She is the calm within the storm. And sometimes the hurricane. All with her whole heart behind whatever she is involved in.

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​Angela McGowan is an extremely talented Artist Manager and Promoter. She provides relatable compassion that opens doors of communication to allow collaboration with artists, local venues, and logistics.

Prior to founding Repertorium Management and her more than 10 years of experience in the music industry, she was a litigation paralegal and guardian ad litem, for children in need of services.

She easily combines 25 years of strong attention to detail and keen human relations skills in the legal profession to provide a comfortable and professional segue. She facilitates various opportunities for the artists she manages as well as the artists and professionals she teams up with.

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  • Hour Of Need4:21

  • Hit The Ground Running3:07